Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sketch 73: Victory

Another actual-size sketch I did on Tuesday, for one of the "Undefeated" installation pieces. This is the big one that will be at the back of the store, titled "Victory." It's about 10 feet tall, so that (in the final) his gloves will actually reach above where the solid wall ends, and extend over part of the windows to the upstairs office. Fun with cut-outs!
Also, the blank space across his midsection is where I'll be mounting a series of 12 framed pieces (rough color drawings, with collage), each depicting one round in The Angel's title bout against the main villain of the show, The Brute.

Raw power!

- Bunker, out.


Dave Groff said...

that's powerhouse work big man! love it

Dave Crosland said...

Thanks, Mr. Groff! There's more where these came from!

nandoninny said...
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nandoninny said...


are we gonna get to see you do any boxing kangaroos in this series?

Love them all, man!
they are coming out great!