Sunday, February 21, 2010

Commissions: CONQUERED!

"Bullseye #2"

"FBI Agent Dana Scully"



In a recent burst of "Stop Being A Slacker" fury, I finally tackled some long-overdue commissioned works. It involved a lot of Taz-esque spinning in a tornado around my studio. The cyclone started Saturday afternoon, and ended on Sunday morning. By the time the debris settled, I had churned out four new pieces. Whew!

I'm super happy with how these came out, especially since I got to employ some of the techniques I've picked up in my fine art works. To the folks who these belong to, I'll be contacting you soon, regarding shipping arrangements. To everyone, hope you enjoy 'em!

Next on the playlist: Stereolab, Emperor Tomato Ketchup.
- The Gum

"Red Sky By Morning, Polar Bear Warning!

This is the latest in my series of Scrap Card Sketches. I've been painting on paper a lot, lately, and these scrap cards take paint like a dream. So nice!

On today's sea-faring soundtrack: Marc Moulin, Placebo Sessions 1971-1974

- King Gum, out!

ps-- Let me know if you can find the polar bear! He's surprisingly hard to find, when I show people this piece in person.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stone Face #1

This is another piece finished in "Little Clouds," my experimental painting & drawing sketchbook. I have to admit, I'm really loving working in this book, ya'll. I banged out the above piece in paint markers, then went back in with pastels to give it color. I sealed it all in with a transparent acrylic medium, stuck a feather in it, and called it macaroni!

It's been great just throwing whatever I want at these pages, because it forces me to discover new, fast ways of making art. And the techniques I'm learning here, I've been able to bring into my fine art and commercial work.

After this, methinks it will be a long time before I invest in another plain-ol', white-paged sketchbook.

Coasting and roasting... potatoes, that is.
- Gum


Oh man... this is where I live, people. And this is why I handle senior citizens with a fine blend of respect and extreme caution.

-The King Gum

Monday, February 15, 2010

Scrap Card Sketches

I recently came upon a mountain-sized windfall of scrap note cards at a friendly neighborhood stationary shop. The cards are in two sizes, with the larger ones measuring at 7" x 8.5" and the smaller ones at 4.5" x 5.75". They're a manila card stock, in an odd sort of "flesh" color.

And most importantly, they're just about the perfect scrap cards for sketches, doodles, and randomness.

So I've decided to post said randomness here, whenever it should strike. Stay tuned!

Jungle music on the high seas, tonight....
- Dave "The King Gum" Crosland

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Progress on "Choker" Pinup

I'm now a few steps deeper into my pinup for CHOKER. At this point, I've reinforced the drawing in colored pencil. The linework has been tightened up and I've laid in some definite color tones that will (most likely) translate all the way through to the final painting.

Smooth sailing,
- Gum.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Choker Pinup Under-Painting

This is the under-painting stage of my pinup for CHOKER, the upcoming Image Comics title from Ben McCool & Ben Templesmith. I'm having fun playing with texture galore on this one.

Originally, I'd wanted to show you all the original pencil drawing, THEN show the underpainting. But alas, the digital file of the pencil drawing got corrupted. Still, I'll be posting more mid-process pics of this. So keep yer peepers peeled!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Akk!!!
- King Gum Crosland

In The Werks

Hey out there! Here's the next step of my latest commissioned piece, "Futhermore." By this stage, I've started laying in solid color ideas in acrylics and colored pencil. From here, it's all about pulling back and forth on the balance between light and dark.

Gum on the run!
- Dave

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Square Sketches!

I've got a sexy-fat sketchbook that's 6" square, with an orange cover and two Kills stickers on it. I love the lil' bugger. It's small and handy, but substantial as can be (with 300 pages!). I'll take it on the train and bus, on flights and visits to friends' homes. It's easily one of the best sketchbooks I've owned in years.

Above are a few of my recent sketches from said Square Sketchbook. The first one was drawn last night at the home of some good friends in El Cerrito, CA. The rest are from the latter part of 2009. Enjoy!

Off to work,
- Dave "The Gum"

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Commission in the Werks!

This is an early stage of a commissioned piece I'm creating for a collector in San Francisco. Fun times with violence, nudity, and heavy machines!

"... son is on a midnight run, like Deniro."
- King Gum