Friday, December 12, 2008

Back From The Depths!

Holy hot damn! I'm back, people. Don't worry... I wasn't kidnapped by terrorists. After Thanksgiving, I was simultaneously tackled by a flu bug and a mountain of deadlines. Since we last spoke, I've rocked a wedding invitation for two LA friends/collectors, two new comic strips, a piece for Mad Magazine, and 13 new paintings for the four fine art shows I'm in during December. Simply put, life has been fucking insane.

But now that things have slowed a bit, I have time to update the blog. Dig some of my new stuff below!

"Urban Flight" - one of four recent pieces where
I've collaged a sketch onto wood and made a painting out of it

"You Don't Know What The Hell You're Talking About"
- an example of how I've been using a lot more collage, lately

"Donkey Punch" - the boxer pieces just keep getting
curiouser and curiouser.

"Nat Narwhal" - I've been making a series of Animal Alliteration pieces.
It's fun art for all ages, and totally takes me back to Sesame Street and
all the other cool creative learning devices of my childhood.

"Uva Unicorn" - another of the Animal Alliteration pieces.

"John & Jenny's Wedding" *done after the classic Bill Seinkiewicz "Elektra" cover

Also, to anyone who's ordered books or commissions, sorry for the shipping delay. Now that the work clouds have cleared, I'll be taking care of your orders tout de suite! And I'll be putting some extra treats in there... a little tangible apology for my tardiness.

All the info for the December exhibits is posted on my site,, along with a bunch more new art. If you're gonna be in The Bay Area between now and mid January, come to San Francisco and check 'em out!

I'm getting a head start on my paintings for 2009, so look for samples of that stuff as we get closer to the year's end.

Happy Holidays,
-Bunker, out.