Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chicago Con Drawings!

The below pics are commissions and quick sketches I rocked for the kind folks who stopped by my table at C2E2, last weekend. I had everything from a little girl asking for a Spider-Man sketch, to a guy asking me to draw Batman getting hit in the balls. Truly outrageous... Thanks to all the fans and creators who supported the Chicago convention, in its inaugural year. And thanks to the City of Chicago, for getting me drunk 3 nights in a row, letting me dance and act a fool with my friends, and keeping me well fed with endless supplies of deep-dish pizza and 14" burritos!

"Don't stink and drive, ya'll."
- King Gum Crosland

More PopCultour 2 Pics!

"The Gum and Food abide."

Here are some better photos of my paintings from PopCultour 2, in Chicago. I've also posted some shots of my good buds -- Jose Garibaldi, Mike Huddleston, and Ben Templesmith in action!

"Touch my cheddaaah, feel my Berettaaa!"
- King Gum I

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vellum Sketches from DEATHWARRANT

The first batch of mail-order copies of DEATHWARRANT went out, yesterday! I'm so proud of my little babies, I had to scan each book's original drawing on vellum, for the archives. Nine of 'em are lovingly displayed below.

I still have some DEATHWARRANTs in stock. If you'd like to purchase, dig all the info here: DEATHWARRANT Now Available Online

I aaaam Irooooon Maaaaaan!
- Gum Sabbath

Cure The Music Live Art Pics!

These are pics of the live art I did back in March for the Cure The Music Fundraiser. I had fun rocking this show, despite the monstrous chest cold that was threatening to destroy me that night. My paintings for the night were this tribal-girl-with-flaming-wolf-mask piece, and a painting of good ol' Mega Man.

The Wolf-Mask piece was exciting, with lots of pattern, bright colors and texture. Unfortunately, I don't have a good photo of the finished painting. The Mega Man one was a blast to create, with lots of drips and texture. He's all shot up and worn (mostly, because my fondest memories of the 8-BIT Mega Man games all involve me getting blasted to bits, very quickly), If you look closely, you'll see that he's saying, "Mo' Mega," a shout-out to a very delicious Mr. Lif album.

Off to slumberland....
- King Gum

Friday, April 23, 2010

Popcultour 2 Paintings!

Just thought I'd post a few pics from the Live Art party in Chicago, before I headed to my Live Art show in Los Angeles. These pieces were an absolute blast to create. I feel like I'm stepping into some new territory for my live painted work, that closely resembles the direction I'm taking with my fine art paintings. Many thanks to the fine people I painted alongside, the cool kids who organized the night, and all the wonderful folks who stayed out and watched us make a mess into the wee hours of the morning!

Oh, and I'll probably be posting some more shots of these pieces later on. Like I said, just wanted to rock a few before I hop on my flight.

Rock. The. Bells.
- Gum

Thursday, April 22, 2010

DEATHWARRANT for sale! Limited supply!

For all those who were fretting over not being able to get a copy of DEATHWARRANT, fret no more -- I actually came home from C2E2 with some books leftover!

DEATHWARRANT is the first in a three-book series of limited edition sketchbooks I'm making for the 2010 convention season. Each book is 28 pages of raw sketches, fine art drawings, and visual magic that you've come to expect from yours truly. I printed these in an edition of 50, with each book featuring an original ink brush drawing on vellum (see the freaky pic directly below for a sample). They're all signed and numbered. And I even managed to save the first 10 books in the edition for you lovely people ordering online. Woot!

If you'd like to order one or more copies of DEATHWARRANT, they're $13 for First Class shipping (5 -10 days delivery) / $15 for Priority Mail (2-3 days delivery). If paying via Paypal, my ID is If ordering via snail mail, please use the mailing address on my website here.

Vellum original example

- Gum

Capcom Live Art, Friday Nite in LA!!!

I'll be flying to Los Angeles, tomorrow, to rock some violent live painting for the Capcom Fight Club! I was already ecstatic, when the fine folks at Nerdcore and Capcom asked me to design the limited edition poster for the event. But when they offered to fly me down to paint, I just about fell off my chair and into a bucket of chicken wings (I was in Buffalo, at the time)!!!

The top secret details have been announced and are posted here: Capcom Fight Club LA details
You can also learn more about what the night will entail at this earlier post: More Fight Club info

Rollin' on a river!
- King Gum

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chicago Live Art @ PopCultour 2!

And, of course, what would a comic convention with all my friends in Chicago be, without a humongous live art party? The kind folks at PopCult have invited myself, Jim Mahfood, Jose Garibaldi, Mike Huddleston and CZR PRZ to paint live, Saturday night. It's going to be explosively fun, with Maker, Intel, Jose G, Kool Hersh and more, providing the soundtrack to our madness! There are promises of drink specials, go-go dancers, and funky prizes. And that's just the tip of the kick-ass iceberg! To find out all the details, visit the PopCultour 2 Facebook page!

Hope to see miscreants there!
-Dave Gum


As with any convention, I have to roll into C2E2 with something new for the people! So this weekend, I'll be unveiling my latest sketchbook -- DEATHWARRANT. It's a top-notch collection of my latest and greatest doodles, noodles, and fine art drawings. These will be available in a limited edition of 50. Each book will come bagged and feature an original drawing on the first page. Aawww yeah!

Along with DEATHWARRANT, I'll also be offering original artwork for sale, and creating commissioned paintings and drawings for interested collectors. Stop by Artists Alley table #11D for all that and more!

Windy City, here I come!
- Dave, The King Gum

Chicago Comic Con THIS WEEKEND!

After nearly 5 years away, yours truly is finally returning to Chicago, the city that launched my comics career! I'll be setting up this weekend (Fri, Sat & Sun) at the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo, in Artists Alley with Jim "Food One" Mahfood. Come visit us at table #11D, where we'll be slinging books, original art, and commissioned drawings & paintings!

For more on the show, visit:

Looking forward to my first Midwest convention in a long, looong while!
- King Gum Crosland