Monday, January 24, 2011

Live Art in Texas This Weekend!

(fliers designed by Henry Quiara)

The Silky Bureaucrats ride again, as Jim Mahfood (aka Food One) and I take our live painting act to sunny San Antonio, TX!

The creative forces behind SA's critically acclaimed ARTSLAM have invited us to participate in their 5 Year Anniversary event on Saturday, January 29th. We'll be working alongside a talented platoon of local artists, all cranking out original paintings and drawings right before your very eyes. And all to the thumping sounds of incredibly funky DJ acts!

If you're in the San Antonio area this weekend, don't miss out on the action. Between the musical lineup, the live painting roster and the anniversary-bash-mojo that's sure to be flowing, this is shaping up to be one hell of a good night!

For more info:

ARTSLAM 5 Year Anniversary Facebook page


"There's something very, very wrong with us! Something SERIOUSLY wrong with us!"
- Dave Crosland, aka King Gum

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On The Slate - Farmer C.R.E.A.M.

Be you frugal farmer or brutal drug czar, it all comes down to pushing your crops and making mad bank.

"Rap snitches, tellin' all they business, sit in the court and be they own star witness!"
- Gum.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On The Slate - Raw Sequential Fishscale

I'm working amid boxes and orderly stacks of... well, everything. But that's not getting in the way of tonight's On The Slate. Above are some piping hot pages you may recognize from the previous OTS. Tonight, both are a bit further on their way to completion.

It feels like a lot of what I've been wanting to achieve in my sequential art is actually beginning to happen on these pages, and some other projects I'm chiseling away at. Guess I better keep it up, if I want to have a book ready for convention season!

"You thought I fell off at last? The legendary Ghost Deini might be dead?!"
- Midnight Gum.

Monday, January 10, 2011

On The Slate - Comics-In-Progress!

For today's On The Slate, I thought I'd share snapshots of a top-secret comic project I'm grinding on. These images are the beginning of a pitch for a project with writer Chris Kirby (The Lost Squad). I can't say much, save that it's a sci-fi/action book and the story is incredibly inventive.

Best of all, Chris has given me carte blanche to throw myself at this thing, visually. I'm getting to go ape-poo with it, bringing more raw power to sequential pages than I think I ever have before.
Hope you dig the peekaboo!

"Runnin' from the law, the press and the parents!
'Is your name Michael Diamond?' Naw, my name's Clarence!"

- Gum.

Friday, January 7, 2011

On The Slate - Farmer Bling & Black Dragon!

Today's offerings are some warm-up pieces... a cash-money farmer, and a dragon piece for my Dad. Been doing so much computer work this week, it feels good to move my arm around on some wet-media art!

"How you like me now?"
- Dave

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LIONSEATYOU still available, with one-of-a-kind block print

First of all, many, MANY thanks to the folks who ordered LIONSEATYOU last month. I was blown away by the huge support from everyone who came out to purchase the book. And I was further charmed by the written responses from some of my collectors. I'm so very glad to hear that you're enjoying the drawings and splatters I placed between the covers of this sketchbook. It's definitely one of my proudest productions of last year.

For those who don't yet own it, I still have a small inventory of LIONSEATYOU available. I'm offering them for sale on my website. For a small fee, I'm also offering the one-of-a-kind LIONSEATYOU block prints that came packaged with the pre-ordered copies. These books are in limited supply, so don't miss out. Order yours now, via the link below!

Order LIONSEATYOU (with one-of-a-kind block print) in The Meatshop!

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- Gum.

CHOKER #5 out today, featuring pinup by Dave Crosland

That's right! The painting I did for Ben Templesmith & Ben McCool's CHOKER (Image Comics) appears in the back of issue #5. The book was released today, at comic shops across the USA. Hit up your local retailer to make sure they're carrying it!

Find out more on the Image Comics website.

"Where my gerunds at? Parenthetical."
- King Gum Crosland