Friday, May 29, 2009

Sketch 75: Jardin Muerto

I started this sketch late last night. My special lady and I had just gotten back from seeing Jenny Lewis at The Fillmore (incredible performance, by the way). I was playing a documentary on the Germany vs. Russia front of World War II, when this doodle started creeping from the tips of my markers. So I assume that's where some of the inspiration came from.

I gotta say, for as many war documentaries as I've seen, it still never ceases to amaze me how absolutely fucking BRUTAL humans can be. It' just insane.

Anyway, hope you dig the piece. Ghetto rock the casbah and all that.

Moto, moto, moto... nice.

- Bunker, out.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

D-Structure Drawing Session Video

UNDEFEATED // DAVE CROSLAND //DSSF from Azikiwee Anderson on Vimeo.

My friends at D-Structure put together this time-lapse video of me working on the "Angel Versus Brute" drawing. Enjoy, and be sure to check out more on the D-Structure Blog!

- Bunker, out.

Sketch 74: Angel Versus Brute

Last Thursday, I had another drawing session on D-Structure's patio. I rocked the sketch for the third and final installation piece I'll be doing, depicting a scene from the epic battle between The Angel and The Brute. The drawing itself is about 8 feet tall by 11 feet wide. I got to really slosh the paint around and get wild with this one, since the image called for more energy and movement.

All in all, I'm please with how these have all come out, though I'm planning some tweaks in the poses in the final paintings on wood. June and July are my months to actually make all this stuff. So get ready for a glut of boxers, kids with wings, and mutant fight fans!

- From The Bunker, with love.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Demolitionist lurks...

Behold, my Thought Processor -- The Demolitionist -- in all his cut-out, folded, glued-together glory! Tingle with fear, as he survey's the landscape of another foreign moon, looking for lifeforms and inanimate objects to bring to extinction!

The Thought Processor gallery show opens Saturday, June 6th. It'll be on display all day long, with the opening reception starting at 7pm. Check the flyer and for all the nitty-gritty info. If you're in the San Francisco Bay area, come out and join us for a night of art, conversation, and little paper robots!

- Bunker, out.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thought Processor!

Friend and fellow illustrator, Phoneticontrol, invited me to take part in the San Francisco leg of his "Thought Processor" traveling art exhibit. For the show, a lucky band of local artists are each designing their own version of a paper color-way (fold-up toy) of one of Pho's little robot characters. Then we're doing paintings that correspond with our designs. Both the 2-D art and the finished, constructed paper figures will be on display at Super-7 Toys in S.F.'s Japantown, this June. I'll post the info on here soon, so keep an eye out!

Yes, that's my very own color-way design, up at the top. He's The Demolitionist, based on the gun-toting dude in "Business As Usual" (shown above). I saved myself some time by making the toy suit a painting I already had done and ready for display. I can still hear Mr. Groff's words echoing in my brain... "Work smarter... not harder... wooooo."

Okay, so the "woooo" is a little adlib... I'd imagine a ghost of a memory making, well, a ghostly boo noise... or something.

I'm off to draw big things, again!

- Bunker, out!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

B.P.R.D. Red!

Just a dash of red, and that's all she wrote!

- Bunker, out.

Monday, May 18, 2009

B.P.R.D. Inked Up!

As promised, here's the B.P.R.D. piece with the blacks all filled in.

- Bunker, out.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

B.P.R.D. In Progress!

I'm working on a group shot of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, aka the B.P.R.D. ...ya know, the team Hellboy used to run with. The collector it's for asked that I include HB, Roger the Homonculus, Johann Krauss, Liz Sherman, and the lovable Abe Sapien.
Here they are in all their lined, not-yet-black-filled glory. There's something so satisfying about lining out the inks for a drawing, and filling the page with little black "x" marks (the universal inking note to "add black here").
In the next scans, all the black fills will be in, perhaps with some white highlights and effects on top. And the final scans will have all that, PLUS some saucy touches of red.
- Bunker, out.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm On The D-Structure Blog!

D-Structure's photographer/graphic designer, Scott La Rock, snapped some work-in-progress photos of me doing my thing, Tuesday afternoon. You can view more of the pics and leave comments on their blog: D-Structure Blog, dawg

He also has a time-lapse gadget, so you can look forward to some of that action as work on the installation pieces continues!

- Bunker, out on a lovely day!

Sketch 73: Victory

Another actual-size sketch I did on Tuesday, for one of the "Undefeated" installation pieces. This is the big one that will be at the back of the store, titled "Victory." It's about 10 feet tall, so that (in the final) his gloves will actually reach above where the solid wall ends, and extend over part of the windows to the upstairs office. Fun with cut-outs!
Also, the blank space across his midsection is where I'll be mounting a series of 12 framed pieces (rough color drawings, with collage), each depicting one round in The Angel's title bout against the main villain of the show, The Brute.

Raw power!

- Bunker, out.

Sketch 72: Undefeated

I spent Tuesday afternoon working on the back patio of D-Structure. That's the shop/gallery space where my San Francisco solo show is hanging, in August. This is a preliminary sketch for one of my 4 installation pieces, titled "Undefeated." While the final piece will be painted on wood (then screwed into the walls), I did this giant sketch (1o x 1o foot sheet of paper, ya'll!) to give myself a sort of road map. Now, when I move on to the final art, I know how large the piece will be, approximately how long it'll take me to work on it, and how strenuous it will be to create. Also, there are little tweeks (the position of his head, arms, etc) that I know to make, when I'm drawing out the final.

It was fantastic fun, working this large. I haven't drawn anything this big since Mahfood and I rocked a mural at Meltdown Comics, last year. I'd forgotten how physical it is! I was bent over, working on this Jackson Pollock-style. Next time, I gotta remember to stretch first. I'm sore like a mofo!

- Bunker, oversized and out!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sketch 71: Experience #2

Here's the second sketch called "Experience." I'm thinking I'll move this subject matter into a series of paintings, involving gritty, old figures and faces. I'd like to make it a raw commentary on the process of aging. A lot's been going on, lately, that has me considering the grounding force of mortality.

This was made particularly for a collector of mine, in Minneapolis.

"Workin' up a black sweat!"
- Bunker, out.

Sketch 70: In The Grip

I've been expanding on some of my fine art themes. This is the evolution of the Ignorance character some of you might know from earlier blog posts. I'm taking a much more visceral approach to when it strikes and "clouds" the thinking of these victims I'm painting.

- Bunker, working in coveralls, and out.

U.K. Sketch Cards!

John Constantine - way more magical than Gob on Arrested Development
Winona Ryder - one of my very first pubescent crushes

Bond. James Bond - Seriously, when are we gonna get a black James Bond? He IS a fictional character, and there ARE people of African descent in Britain.

I just knocked these sketch card pieces out for a collector in the United Kingdom. Rrrah!
- Bunker, out.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sketch 69: Goggles & Curls

Gee, now that I realize this is my 69th sketch, I almost wish I'd done something naughty for it. Ah well, maybe I'll draw an orgy scene for Sketch 169. In the meantime, this is another piece from last week's Drink & Draw in Los Angeles. I barely had the drawing done, by the end of the night. I went in and painted on it Saturday afternoon. And I just added the white highlights and linework, maybe 20 minutes ago.

The icing on the cake for me, though, was getting to watch the newest "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" trailer, while I waited for the white paint to dry. Nyyyyyerd!

- Bunker, transform and roll out!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sketch 68: Pow! Knokowt!

Several drinks into the night, Food One hands me a big piece of bristol with a raw, splattery boxer drawing on it. He says, "It's a boxer drawing! Finish it!" You know how we do.

- Bunker, out to lunch!

Sketch 67: Don' Fuk With The Demon Hand

This was my "warm-up" piece at Drink-And-Draw. Love me some monsters and ugly faces....

- Bunker, Los Angeles taco style!

Sketch 66: Destroy

Mahfood and I rocked Drink-and-Draw in Hollywood, last night. There was delicious grilled chicken pizza, Samurai Champloo playing on the projection wall, and the Patron flowed freely. It was really great, getting buzzed and making art alongside some wonderful talents, including Dan Panosian (Incredible Hulk) and Dave Johnson (100 Bullets, the new GI Joe cartoon)... truly outrageous.

- Bunker love, from LA.

ps-- My apologies for the whack, out-of-place font/layout, with these posts from the road. The computer I'm working from isn't giving me the option to change my fonts, sizes, etc. Promise I'll fix it once I'm back in The Bunker.