Wednesday, May 6, 2009

U.K. Sketch Cards!

John Constantine - way more magical than Gob on Arrested Development
Winona Ryder - one of my very first pubescent crushes

Bond. James Bond - Seriously, when are we gonna get a black James Bond? He IS a fictional character, and there ARE people of African descent in Britain.

I just knocked these sketch card pieces out for a collector in the United Kingdom. Rrrah!
- Bunker, out.


Anonymous said...

I would let Winona steal my stuff.

samax said...

i wouldn't hold my breath for that black James Bond... but if there's gonna be one, i vote for Chiwetel Ejiofor (Red Belt, Children of Men, Four Brothers, Serenity, Inside Man). it could happen i guess (i mean, we DO have a black president...)

Dave Crosland said...

Yeah! I just watched "Serenity" again, last week. Chiwetel's amazing, uber-physical performance in that must have influenced my decision to "chocolatize" my take on Britain's most badass agent on Her Majesty's Secret Service. I agree -- he'd make a great Bond.

Who knows? Maybe we are on the path to that "everybody gets along," Star Trek future. In the next 50 years, we could have a black, latino, or Asian James Bond! Even better, Jane Bond -- James' reckless, hot, dangerous, secret agent daughter! YES!

Dave Crosland said...

ps -- I'd let Winona steal my anything. Grrrrowl!

samax said...

Jane Bond... (fingers crossed!)

industri studios said...

Love the Bond pic - the cut in design of his "lady friend" is a nice touch - and cool Constantine... always nice to see weird little one offs like this.