Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sketch 74: Angel Versus Brute

Last Thursday, I had another drawing session on D-Structure's patio. I rocked the sketch for the third and final installation piece I'll be doing, depicting a scene from the epic battle between The Angel and The Brute. The drawing itself is about 8 feet tall by 11 feet wide. I got to really slosh the paint around and get wild with this one, since the image called for more energy and movement.

All in all, I'm please with how these have all come out, though I'm planning some tweaks in the poses in the final paintings on wood. June and July are my months to actually make all this stuff. So get ready for a glut of boxers, kids with wings, and mutant fight fans!

- From The Bunker, with love.


Mike Puncekar said...

Well... way to one-up everyone doing sketch-a-days.

Looks fantastic. Crazy movement

Anonymous said...

that is insane!

wish i could see it in person.....