Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sketch 72: Undefeated

I spent Tuesday afternoon working on the back patio of D-Structure. That's the shop/gallery space where my San Francisco solo show is hanging, in August. This is a preliminary sketch for one of my 4 installation pieces, titled "Undefeated." While the final piece will be painted on wood (then screwed into the walls), I did this giant sketch (1o x 1o foot sheet of paper, ya'll!) to give myself a sort of road map. Now, when I move on to the final art, I know how large the piece will be, approximately how long it'll take me to work on it, and how strenuous it will be to create. Also, there are little tweeks (the position of his head, arms, etc) that I know to make, when I'm drawing out the final.

It was fantastic fun, working this large. I haven't drawn anything this big since Mahfood and I rocked a mural at Meltdown Comics, last year. I'd forgotten how physical it is! I was bent over, working on this Jackson Pollock-style. Next time, I gotta remember to stretch first. I'm sore like a mofo!

- Bunker, oversized and out!


Neil said...

Where does one get a 10 x 10 foot sheet of paper? lol

Dave Crosland said...

Why, from the 10x10 Foot Things Store. A'doy.

Neil said...

Judges? Yes, we will accept that answer. Congratulations!

We would have also accepted: "From a really, really big tree."

Anonymous said...

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