Monday, March 30, 2009

"Magnum P.I." for "Idiot Box" at Gallery 1988LA

We're biggety-back from Mexico! It was insanely beautiful, exciting, and relaxing, there. So wonderful, in fact, that I couldn't possibly sum it up in a measly paragraph, here and now. I'll try to post some photos and recollections here soon. But for now, on to the art!

"Magnum P.I." - 10" x 20" mixed media on canvas"

As soon as we got back from Vallarta, I had to bust out this painting of Magnum P.I. for "Idiot Box" -- a group exhibit down at Gallery 1988 Los Angeles. The show is chock full of pop-culture-referential pieces, based on "guilty pleasure" television shows. I've always had a soft spot for that sweet-talking, beer-swilling, mustache-combing hunk, Thomas Magnum. My folks watched the program while I was a child. I think my father was especially into it since Roger Mosley's character was named "T.C.," and that just happens to be his nickname.

"The Lovable Private Investigator - With a quick smile for the ladies and a fist for the bad guys, Thomas is never too far from a cold brew and some raw danger!"

Recently, my girlfriend and I have rediscovered our love for Magnum, his motley crew of cohorts, and their wiley hijinks. It was running in syndication for awhile, here in S.F. Now we've got a few seasons on our Netflix Instant Player. So when I got invited to submit a piece for "Idiot Box," it was kind of a no-brainer. "Magnum P.I." is my ultimate guilty pleasure show!

"It wouldn't be 'Magnum' without a shot of those sexy gams and his Ferrari!"

Well, maybe that, AND "America's Next Top Model."

- Bunker, out with love!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're goin' down the coast to M-E-X-I-C-O-C-U!

That's right, folks. Some friends and I are taking the operation down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! We'll be there for the next week. I'll be doodling away in my travel sketchbook, eating the best tacos, drinking the freshest magaritas, and working it at the beach like that volleyball scene in Top Gun!

Also, since "Diabloville" takes place in an old Mexican town, I'm gonna soak up some of that south-of-the-border soul. I'll be gathering reference, from the landscape to the people. Should make for a fun time.

I'll scan and upload photos and art once I'm back and settled into my old gringo ways. In the meantime, enjoy the latest posts, visit your old faves, and tell all your friends, "Hiredmeat rocks the most!"

Hugs and well wishes,
-Arcon, fuera.

S.A.D. 44: "That Ol' Black Bear"

I finished this a couple nights ago. It's the first of the larger boxer, paint & ink pieces that I've completed. It's 18 x 24. Boy, did I miss drawing things larger than 11 x 14. Now I'm really looking forward to the preliminary drawings for the large, cut-out wood boxers.

-Bunker, out.

ps-- That title is a little nod to any "Royal Tenenbaums" fans out there.

S.A.D. 43: Voodoo Lady!

Shakin' dat stick and drivin' me crazy! Your eyes look red and hazy!

-Bunker, out.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

S.A.D. 41 & 42: All The Ladies Around The Way....

Hey Yo! I rocked these Lady sketches from a live model, late last week. The girl was badass enough to bring her own costumery to the session. This stuff took me back to my school days. When I'd get bored of drawing a model in class, I'd just start adding imaginary things (like massive headphones, machine guns, etc) and bugging-out the proportions. Oddly enough (except for the microphone), nearly every element in the above sketch was actually there during the drawing session. Yes, even the sabertooth tiger skull!

-Bunker, out

S.A.D. 35 - 40: "Undefeated Sketchwork"

"Boxer Study"

I've been strumming away at the visual tunes for my solo exhibit in August. You may remember it being "We Can Be Heroes." But I've switched streams on it, and will be making a show called, "Undefeated," featuring paintings, drawings, and an installation of my recent boxer pieces. Its themes include the bare-bones brutality of physical combat, mixed with the beastly nature of that world and it's denizens. Here are some of my concept sketches (plus two in-progress paintings) for the exhibit. Bon appetit!

"Boxer Study with Heads"

"Bring It On" painting in progress. Oil & graphite under-painting

"Bring It On" painting in progress -- detail

"Bring It On" painting in progress -- detail

"Soft Sculpture Sketches" -- I've been saving stacks of foam for these guys. They'll be about one-foot square, and maybe two-feet tall (with the wooden base). I used to do tons of sculpture stuff when I was a kid, so I'm anticipating getting back into it with these guys. It should be a fun time, as long as making them doesn't turn into a total disaster.

"Short Wall Installation" -- There's a short wall in the space that extends from the display window to where the cash register is. That's where these grapplers will go! I'm going to paint them on large sheets of wood, cut 'em out to shape, then affix them to the wall in segments, adding into one big 'ol piece. This is definitely the most ambitious show I've ever worked on.

"Back & Side Wall Installations" -- These guys will also be large sheets of wood, mounted to the walls. I'll be stenciling and painting textures on the walls, as a backdrop to the big guys. I'm especially eager to work on the back wall installation. Not only will its arms reach over the office windows, upstairs. It'll also have 12 rough ink & paint pieces hanged on the boxer's belly. Each framed piece will represent a round of a fight.Ka-POW!

"Hunger For Competition" -- I wasn't kidding when I said this world is "beastly," ya'll!

"Hunger For Competition" -- detail

"The Spoils" sketch -- It's not all brutes in my boxer-addled brain. The finest fighters are sired with the best females available. But I'm making the "hot women" visuals just as monstrous as the boxers. I want this stuff to be raw, not cute or hip.

- Bunker, out.

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Technical Difficulties" in Seattle!

Just a reminder that "Technical Difficulties" opens tonight. The works will be hanging at Halogen Gallery from now to April 3rd. If you're in the Seattle area, chiggy-check it out! Also, the cool kids at Redefine Magazine gave the show a nice plug on their website. It includes an interview I did with their magazine, a few years back. Gnarly!

Redefine shows a lil' love!

For more info on the show, hit up Halogen Gallery's website.

- Bunker, out.

Commission Sale + Custom Gear @

I'm running a convention-style commission sale on my website. I'm also offering custom artwork for people's messenger bags, blazers, hats, gear, and walls (as in murals). To learn more, check out

-Bunker, out.

Pink Friday!!!

I drew this Pink Friday logo for my friends at the California Teachers Association. Basically, this is a day to wear pink and show support for all the teachers across California, whose jobs are threatened by our awful budget woes.

I have several friends who are teachers, and I also do regular work for a teachers publication. But, even if you don't have any direct ties to the world of education, realize that an inability to fund education is an inability to fund our future. How do we expect to move ahead as a society, if our children aren't prepared to operate in a steadily advancing world? Seems like common sense to me, but the bean counters in Sacramento beg to differ. Ugh.

To find out more about the cause, visit

- Bunker, out.

Friday, March 6, 2009

S.A.D. 34: Blue Bomber's Last Stand

Look out, kids! It looks like my SF solo show in August might be switching themes, from "heroes" to "boxers." And the presto-change-o was inspired by this color sketch. Woot!

- Bunker, out.

S.A.D. 33: What the What?!?

I've been sketching heads oozing and overlapping each other, lately. And yes, some of them have Darth Vader in 'em. My boy, Brian Ewing, recommended I do paintings and sculptures of these, so some of that is probably on the horizon.

- Bunker, out.

S.A.D. 32: Cannonball!

Look out below, ya'll!

- Bunker, out.