Thursday, May 26, 2011


A brand new Dalek drawing for all you Doctor Who fans. Seriously, there are a lot more of us that I ever, EVER expected. I guess that's what happens when a character has a television show that remains popular for a series of decades, huh?

"I'm thinking y'all are a mess, too. But insecurities will make your bios sound less cool."
- Gum

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pulp Fiction Werks & Samurai Sketch

Above are some recent tidbits from the heap of commissions I'm working on, plus a little character design from an upcoming something.

I've had a bunch of false starts on the Pulp Fiction pieces, and for longer than I'd care to think about. But it looks like I'm finally over the hump. Whew!

As for the samurai, can't say much about him. I will admit, I'm having a bit too much fun with all this samurai research and reference hunting I have to do, while fleshing out this rugged warrior and his wicked world.

"Rats, what a waste. It's more cash ta chase."
- Dave

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anaheim & Toronto Art!

These are a collection of drawings I created during the weekends of Wizard World Anaheim and the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Thanks to everyone on both sides of the table, who helped make the conventions so darned amazing.

By the way, most of these were drawn through the buzzing haze of extreme con-fatigue, and under the influence of heavy, fever-suppressing drugs. Another fine victory for science!

"I been in it ta win it more than a minute, and sky's the limit."
- King Gum

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If The Earthquakes Don't Get Us, The Budget Cuts Will!

Aaaaand here's the finalized version of the cartoon I posted, this morning. As you can see, the client decided on keeping the state abbreviation "CA" in the finished art. The inks and gray tones were done in a feverish, "must finish before 6pm" frenzy at my drawing table. But I ain't complaining. There's nothing like a hard deadline to get me right back into the game, after a long stint away from Chateau Gum.

"Talons fly as a last disguise. But no return. The time has come."
- Dave

One-Panel Strip, In The Works

Fresh from an amazing, rejuvenating trip to Toronto and northeastern USA, I'm rocking a new one-pane strip for a long-time client of mine. This month's cartoon pokes fun at the ridiculous amount of fiscal cuts to California's much-needed public services and resources.

The client thought the state outline wasn't recognizable enough, so I ended up taking out one of the characters in the revised version. Also -- on the suggestion of a talented friend -- I added the "CA" label, to make it totally obvious that these people are holding onto California for dear life, and not just some random shape.

I just got approval to go to final, from my art director. So now it's on to the inking and graytones!

"I got, I got anime on the screen. I got, I got pen in hand, scripting dreams."
- Dave