Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One-Panel Strip, In The Works

Fresh from an amazing, rejuvenating trip to Toronto and northeastern USA, I'm rocking a new one-pane strip for a long-time client of mine. This month's cartoon pokes fun at the ridiculous amount of fiscal cuts to California's much-needed public services and resources.

The client thought the state outline wasn't recognizable enough, so I ended up taking out one of the characters in the revised version. Also -- on the suggestion of a talented friend -- I added the "CA" label, to make it totally obvious that these people are holding onto California for dear life, and not just some random shape.

I just got approval to go to final, from my art director. So now it's on to the inking and graytones!

"I got, I got anime on the screen. I got, I got pen in hand, scripting dreams."
- Dave

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