Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sac-Con Flyer -- now in FULL COLOR!

Huzzah! Dig those funky colors! I had a blast doing this up in Photoshop. I know this is about as chromatic as Rainbow Bright's sock drawer. But I really wanted to jump from a conventional color scheme and make something explosive. If you're in the Sacramento area June 7 and 8, come check out the action. Two live art shows? Back to back? And one at a comic convention?? It's bound to be legendary!
Buffalo Bunker, over and out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Everbody's DEAD #3...

... IS OUT NOW! Sorry for the short notice. I was told it wouldn't hit newsstands until the end of May, but it was on the "new" rack at my local shop, today. Go figure. Then go buy the book! Bunker go, "Bye-bye!"

New Live Art Flyer for Sacramento Shows...

Hey peeps! This is the drawing for a full-color flyer I'm working on. It's to promote two back-to-back live art shows I'll be doing in Sacramento, at the beginning of June!

I'll post the color soon....

-Over and out, Bunker make ya shout!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

... deep in the heart of Texas!!!

Yee-haw! I'm back and recovered from an amazing weekend in Dallas, celebrating Free Comic Book Day at CAPE! It was another badass event organized by Rich Neal and the gang at Zeus Comics, including a live art fundraiser and a big-ol' free comic convention in a gorgeous park.

During the live art show, last Friday night, Mike Huddleston, Jim Mahfood, and I jammed together on this monster-fight piece above. It's appropriately titled "Hand Job," after Godzilla's rocket-hand attack.

Saturday at the convention ended up being nuts. Before I knew what was happening, I was caught up in a storm of making all sorts of drawings for people. Incredible!

Longtime fan and friend, Fernando, make it out and got a stack of drawings from me. He had a "Forbidden Planet" notepad that instantly made me think of "The Black Hole," one of my favorite flicks from my childhood. So I rocked this piece in homage to the world of crazy robots that helped make me the alpha-nerd I am today.

This Robopanda was another one for Fernando. Fire it up!

My last piece for Fernando was this Spidey-sketch. Boy, do I love me some Spider-Man doodlin'.

Sam, a fan I met at last year's show, came thru and hired me to tag up half of a white pair of brand new, size 13 Chuck Taylor's. Awwwwwesome! *** Mahfood did the other one. Hit up www.foodoneart.blogspot.com to see his customized shoe.*** Sam said he was into robots and such, so I turned the whole sneaker into one of my giant robots!

And the fun didn't stop there! The people kept on comin' and I kept on drawin!

This coked-out Wolverine piece was for a kid, Jon, I met at Wizard World Chicago in 2005. Back then, I did a piece for him with Spider-Man doing an upside-down bong hit. Well, Jon came to Dallas with that same sketchbook, and requested a companion piece. The first thing that came to mind was Wolvie on the yeyo. Kristian Donaldson gave me the idea to have him cutting lines. The rest is history!

And that's all she wrote, folks! I'm off to haul ass on Everybody's DEAD #5 and a poster design for my next live art event in Sacramento (June 7th, ya'll). Until the next post....

-Bunker, out.