Monday, July 27, 2009

Prince Commission and Hellboy Doodle

I recently rocked this Purple Rain-inspired portrait piece for my friends Duncan & Molly. And the Hellboy Doodle is for a new collector of mine in Portugal. Woot!

Kitten Mittens!
- Bunker, out.

Friday, July 24, 2009


"Brute Breath!"

"Holy Haymaker!"

I rocked these two newbies for the BEASTS FROM THE BAY group exhibit at Gallery 1988SF. The opening reception is tonight, from 7pm to 10pm. If you're in town, come through and say "Howdy do!" to myself and an assortment of art fiends & enthusiasts.

- Bunker, out!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

UNDEFEATED Press Release

Below is the press release for my solo show. Feel free to copy the text, grab the flyer image and re-post, email, and share the living hell out of it all. I'm hoping to get as much press as possible for this exhibit. So by all means, feel free to help me spread the gospel of the Hiredmeat!

With mad love for all my Bunker Folk,
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Dave Crosland’s UNDEFEATED is a visual story following the eternal conflict of Good versus Evil, characterized by The Angel, a giant in boxing gloves, and The Brute, a beastly wolf-headed boxer. This solo exhibition features these nemesis behemoths as they face off for the fate of all humanity. The Angel battles with love, nature and creation – the essence of life. The Brute employs fury, vice and destruction – the keys to mankind’s undoing. Along with the giant pugilists, these new works also focus on ordinary people caught up in the sway of the fight. From innocent children heeding the call of The Angel, to mutated adults warped by the dark promises of The Brute, Crosland illustrates a world that balances brooding ferocity with childlike hopefulness. At times colorful and controlled, at others raw and explosive, these paintings, drawings and large wooden cut-outs represent classical themes while reaching beyond black and white archetypes. The end result is an exciting tale told in paint, pencil, ink and wood that will capture viewers’ hearts and imaginations. In dark days like these, it’s easy to think that Evil has the forces of Good on the ropes. But they’re not out of the fight yet. Not by a long shot.

Dave Crosland is an independent illustrator based in San Francisco’s Lower Haight district. UNDEFEATED is his third and most ambitious solo exhibition to date. His previous works include comic art for Image Comics and IDW Publishing, character designs for Cartoon Network and Disney, and album art for Blueprint and Gym Class Heroes. Since the start of his career in the year 2000, Crosland’s original artwork has been enjoyed by private collectors of all ages, both in the USA and abroad.For more info, visit and

Beasts of The Bay

Who's on top? Good...

I rocked this painting yesterday. It's the promo image for the next Gallery1988SF show, tentatively titled "BEASTS OF THE BAY." Since this group exhibit opens just two weeks before my solo show (UNDEFEATED), I decided to carry over the theme of The Angel versus The Brute in the pieces I'll be contributing. Nothin' like a little cross promotion to get the fine art blood flowing!

I'm also a big fan of doing "playing card style" works, that can be flipped and still read well upside-down.

... or Evil?

-Bunker, out.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cameron Calderone Memorial Mural

Click for a slideshow of Cameron's Mural being created from start to finish.

Hello, all. Sorry I've been out of touch for so darned long. The end of June was a melee of activities, both business and personal in nature. Between drawing samples for freelance and full-time jobs, biking across town for interviews and shawerma, and taking a refreshing drive down to Los Angeles, I've been swamped! Luckily, one of the many wonderful experiences I had while in SoCal was getting to paint a mural to commemorate the lifetime of a young man I never got to know.

The story of how I got involved in this entire project is almost too long and personal to share in full. So I'll spare you those details. Just know that Cameron Calderone -- like I said, a man I didn't know -- has somehow worked his way into my life and heart, even after his death. He was very close to a friend & colleague of mine. And through those circumstances, Cameron's parents, best friends, and loved ones all raised funds and arranged for me to go down to Los Angeles and create a mural in his honor.

A good number of these folks gathered around and watched me paint the work -- two 4' x 4' plywood panels -- at Camp Keystone (Agoura Hills, CA), the kids day-camp where he loved to work and play, and touched so many people's lives. Words can't describe the outpouring of love and affection that came from the group of onlookers, as they watched me lay down the passions of his life in pencil and house paint. From his fondness of children, The Lakers, and Hawaii, to his competitive spirit and tenderness, I got to express many of the wonderful things about Cameron that made him such a special person in the lives of those who knew him. It was an honor and a privalege to be a part of something so meaningful.

And yeah... I never met Cameron. But after my day painting in front of the people who cared for him most, I totally feel like I did.

Many thanks to Nick, Jensen, Tracy & Carter, Megan, Sean, Jenn and everyone else for inviting me into such an intimate situation, and making this project happen.

With the utmost warmth,

- Bunker, out.