Friday, July 3, 2009

Cameron Calderone Memorial Mural

Click for a slideshow of Cameron's Mural being created from start to finish.

Hello, all. Sorry I've been out of touch for so darned long. The end of June was a melee of activities, both business and personal in nature. Between drawing samples for freelance and full-time jobs, biking across town for interviews and shawerma, and taking a refreshing drive down to Los Angeles, I've been swamped! Luckily, one of the many wonderful experiences I had while in SoCal was getting to paint a mural to commemorate the lifetime of a young man I never got to know.

The story of how I got involved in this entire project is almost too long and personal to share in full. So I'll spare you those details. Just know that Cameron Calderone -- like I said, a man I didn't know -- has somehow worked his way into my life and heart, even after his death. He was very close to a friend & colleague of mine. And through those circumstances, Cameron's parents, best friends, and loved ones all raised funds and arranged for me to go down to Los Angeles and create a mural in his honor.

A good number of these folks gathered around and watched me paint the work -- two 4' x 4' plywood panels -- at Camp Keystone (Agoura Hills, CA), the kids day-camp where he loved to work and play, and touched so many people's lives. Words can't describe the outpouring of love and affection that came from the group of onlookers, as they watched me lay down the passions of his life in pencil and house paint. From his fondness of children, The Lakers, and Hawaii, to his competitive spirit and tenderness, I got to express many of the wonderful things about Cameron that made him such a special person in the lives of those who knew him. It was an honor and a privalege to be a part of something so meaningful.

And yeah... I never met Cameron. But after my day painting in front of the people who cared for him most, I totally feel like I did.

Many thanks to Nick, Jensen, Tracy & Carter, Megan, Sean, Jenn and everyone else for inviting me into such an intimate situation, and making this project happen.

With the utmost warmth,

- Bunker, out.


Dave Groff said...

that's awesome .

Sarah McClure said...

Hi there,

I went to school with Cameron and just recently heard about his passing. I was wondering if you knew the circumstances of his death? He was such a sweet guy when I knew him.

Thank you,

Dave Crosland said...

Hey Sarah,

Yeah, from everyone I've met who knew Cameron, sounds like he was one hell of a kid.

Drop me a line at, and I'll tell you more about what happened.

Hope you're well,
- Dave

g said...

I worked with Cameron's mother. He was a lovely young man, and I wish his mom and the rest of his family peace.