Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beasts of The Bay

Who's on top? Good...

I rocked this painting yesterday. It's the promo image for the next Gallery1988SF show, tentatively titled "BEASTS OF THE BAY." Since this group exhibit opens just two weeks before my solo show (UNDEFEATED), I decided to carry over the theme of The Angel versus The Brute in the pieces I'll be contributing. Nothin' like a little cross promotion to get the fine art blood flowing!

I'm also a big fan of doing "playing card style" works, that can be flipped and still read well upside-down.

... or Evil?

-Bunker, out.


Food One said...


Anonymous said...

nice! love the playing card style!

BILL said...

good or evil...either way IT'S AWESOME! These new boxing pieces are amazing Dave.