Monday, March 30, 2009

"Magnum P.I." for "Idiot Box" at Gallery 1988LA

We're biggety-back from Mexico! It was insanely beautiful, exciting, and relaxing, there. So wonderful, in fact, that I couldn't possibly sum it up in a measly paragraph, here and now. I'll try to post some photos and recollections here soon. But for now, on to the art!

"Magnum P.I." - 10" x 20" mixed media on canvas"

As soon as we got back from Vallarta, I had to bust out this painting of Magnum P.I. for "Idiot Box" -- a group exhibit down at Gallery 1988 Los Angeles. The show is chock full of pop-culture-referential pieces, based on "guilty pleasure" television shows. I've always had a soft spot for that sweet-talking, beer-swilling, mustache-combing hunk, Thomas Magnum. My folks watched the program while I was a child. I think my father was especially into it since Roger Mosley's character was named "T.C.," and that just happens to be his nickname.

"The Lovable Private Investigator - With a quick smile for the ladies and a fist for the bad guys, Thomas is never too far from a cold brew and some raw danger!"

Recently, my girlfriend and I have rediscovered our love for Magnum, his motley crew of cohorts, and their wiley hijinks. It was running in syndication for awhile, here in S.F. Now we've got a few seasons on our Netflix Instant Player. So when I got invited to submit a piece for "Idiot Box," it was kind of a no-brainer. "Magnum P.I." is my ultimate guilty pleasure show!

"It wouldn't be 'Magnum' without a shot of those sexy gams and his Ferrari!"

Well, maybe that, AND "America's Next Top Model."

- Bunker, out with love!


Lunchbox said...

Bad ass.
I love it.
TC in the copter...

Dave Crosland said...

Haha! Thanks, Josh. Yeah... I love me some Tom Selleck.

samax said...

i forgot all about that dude.
selleck "fell the fuck off like limbs infected with leprosy"

Kody Chamberlain said...

Oh man, this piece is the SHIT. That mustache. It's...... it's...... B E A U T I F U L !

Dave Crosland said...

Hey, Tom Selleck never fell off! He's got this whole new series of direct-to-DVD movies, where he plays a gritty cop or detective or something. And his mustache is as fluffy as ever!

I'm gonna go rent "An Innocent Man" right now, just to remind myself how badass Selleck is. Er, was? Oh, whatever!