Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're goin' down the coast to M-E-X-I-C-O-C-U!

That's right, folks. Some friends and I are taking the operation down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! We'll be there for the next week. I'll be doodling away in my travel sketchbook, eating the best tacos, drinking the freshest magaritas, and working it at the beach like that volleyball scene in Top Gun!

Also, since "Diabloville" takes place in an old Mexican town, I'm gonna soak up some of that south-of-the-border soul. I'll be gathering reference, from the landscape to the people. Should make for a fun time.

I'll scan and upload photos and art once I'm back and settled into my old gringo ways. In the meantime, enjoy the latest posts, visit your old faves, and tell all your friends, "Hiredmeat rocks the most!"

Hugs and well wishes,
-Arcon, fuera.


Josholland said...

Shannon and I spent a week there last fall. It was amazing! Have fun.

Freddy's Toucan has the best breakfast ever BTW. Check it out.

Kira said...

Be careful! I heard the government was warning about drug wars in mexico and telling people not to go down. Which is sad, cause I love Mexico. Have fun though!