Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sketch 71: Experience #2

Here's the second sketch called "Experience." I'm thinking I'll move this subject matter into a series of paintings, involving gritty, old figures and faces. I'd like to make it a raw commentary on the process of aging. A lot's been going on, lately, that has me considering the grounding force of mortality.

This was made particularly for a collector of mine, in Minneapolis.

"Workin' up a black sweat!"
- Bunker, out.


Matthew Kriske said...

Diggin' it.

Wynn Ryder said...

Dave, all my emails to you are rejected :( I'll try again as soon as I can but I won't have my own internet connection for about a week or so. I'm in LOVE with the art you did! Speak to you soon,


I like the placement of the square.

LoNneR said...

nice one.
Thanks a lot for stoppin' by my site. The art scene here in Madrid is big, there are a lot of artists. unfortunately we don't have a strong work offer. I'm trying to move abroad fot this reason.

Anonymous said...

Man you're a machine as of late.

You'll have to come up to sacramento again soon. I'll buy the scotch!