Friday, May 1, 2009

Sketch 66: Destroy

Mahfood and I rocked Drink-and-Draw in Hollywood, last night. There was delicious grilled chicken pizza, Samurai Champloo playing on the projection wall, and the Patron flowed freely. It was really great, getting buzzed and making art alongside some wonderful talents, including Dan Panosian (Incredible Hulk) and Dave Johnson (100 Bullets, the new GI Joe cartoon)... truly outrageous.

- Bunker love, from LA.

ps-- My apologies for the whack, out-of-place font/layout, with these posts from the road. The computer I'm working from isn't giving me the option to change my fonts, sizes, etc. Promise I'll fix it once I'm back in The Bunker.


Nando said...


this thing looks vicious!!

Josholland said...


Anonymous said...

hey, man--it's Brad from last night! Glad you posted your stuff--you and 'Food were on fire!! Pleasure to Drink & Draw with you, and hope you make it to another.

Dave Crosland said...

Hells yes! Glad people are enjoying the Drink & Draw pics.

And Brad, it was a pleasure drawing alongside you and the gang. I'll do my best to make it out for another D+D, next time I'm down in L.A.!

Pop-Monkey said...

Sweet Cracklin' Lincoln, I love that!