Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chicago Con Drawings!

The below pics are commissions and quick sketches I rocked for the kind folks who stopped by my table at C2E2, last weekend. I had everything from a little girl asking for a Spider-Man sketch, to a guy asking me to draw Batman getting hit in the balls. Truly outrageous... Thanks to all the fans and creators who supported the Chicago convention, in its inaugural year. And thanks to the City of Chicago, for getting me drunk 3 nights in a row, letting me dance and act a fool with my friends, and keeping me well fed with endless supplies of deep-dish pizza and 14" burritos!

"Don't stink and drive, ya'll."
- King Gum Crosland


Justin Stewart said...

And dude, just so you know, your Batman piece is the one everyone wants to talk about. A new standard set!

Dave Crosland said...

YEAH! Haha... glad I could raise the bar a bit! When in doubt, raw vulgarity is my #1 weapon!

meyerprints said...
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Anonymous said...

dude, why a close up of the dick? whhyy?

Jose G

Dave Crosland said...

Haha! I seriously don't know. It just popped in my head, like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters. Oddly enough, when I got home, I thought it would have been more clever to do a whole "Batman reenacting the "Goodbye Horses/penis-tucking" scene in Silence of The Lambs. I mean, he's got the cape... it would be perfect for that pose!

Justin Stewart said...

Yeah Dave, but you'd have to add a skinny, horizontal panel at the top with a close-up of his mouth saying, "You wanna fuck me?".