Wednesday, January 14, 2009

S.A.D. 03: I Wish They All Could Be California Grrls!

California seriously has some of the most exotic, diverse, and strange women I've ever known or seen in my travels across this Great Union. That thought struck me this morning, and was immediately followed by a mental image of a girl in stunna-shades wearing the Cali bear's hide as a cloak. Toss in a star, and you've got the California Republic flag (see photo below).

I think this might be the beginning of a series of "California Grrl" pieces. Like I said, suuuch a diverse selection of women, from style to lifestyle, attitude to ethnicity. It's incredible.

Or maybe I'm just drunk on all this summery weather we're having here. Whoo, Lordy.

-Bunker, out.

ps-- I drew this using some cool pencils my friends got me during their honeymoon in Japan, from the Studio Ghibli (
Miyazaki) museum in Mitaka. Thanks, Scott and Angie. Or I mean, ahem, arigato.


Thom Glick said...

Genius! I love the bear hide cloak.

Kira said...

It's totally road warrior.

Dave Groff said...

I'm seein Girls of the Nation series here..nice!