Wednesday, January 21, 2009

S.A.D 08: The Death of Ignorance!

Sorry this sketch is late. It was done, last night, at Nickie's (a bar near The Bunker). Some friends met my lady and I there, for Inaugural Celebration drinks. The other kids were downing "Obamapolitans," but I stuck with my Racer 5 IPA. Two pints of that stuff will do ya right!

But I got home, ate a late dinner, and realized I was way too faded to operate a scanner. Much less, type out full sentences. So here's my eigth Sketch-A-Day piece.

I'm working towards a big solo show, this August, called "We Can Be Heroes." The exhibit will be about elevating the mundane to new heights... it's "genre" work, but for our modern times, and with a healthy dose of fantasy. I think one of the things we've forgotten, socially, is how to imagine... how to crack open reality and dream outside of it. So I want this show to do that -- to crack open reality.

One of the characters I'll expose in some of the pieces, is Ignorance. More specifically, he represents African-American ignorance. This guy is a constant plague of my fellow black people.
I first sketched him last year. Basically, he's an ink-black, lanky, nude man in a crooked Ku Klux Klan hood. When he puts his mojo on his victims... well, I think I'll save that creepiness for another post.

For now, the sketch at hand is of his demise. I imagined him being struck down by a spear of light, harnessed by people trying to stamp him out. I guess the glut of Inauguration love inspired this one. Yesterday was the first time I'd ever even thought to illustrating Ignorance being destroyed. There's also some "Christ Stamping Out Evil," inspiration in there too. I've seen that depicted in a few classical paintings (*There's a really good one at the Columbus Art Museum near CCAD*). I'm sure that will play into my final composition for the piece.

-Bunker, out.

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Lunchbox said...

I'm feeling this one on multiple levels. Fantastic concept.
Let's hope it rings true.