Sunday, January 18, 2009

S.A.D. 06: Breakfast Sketching

Yesterday was packed! After all that beach stuff, we went to our friend Maria's birthday party. Incredible time... a dj in the living room, full-blown karaoke setup in the kitchen, a photo booth in the bathroom, and a cooler full of ice-cold jungle juice. Truly outrageous.

But yeah... so we ended up getting home around 3am. Then we had to get up at 7am to drive some friends to the airport. Of course, we couldn't get back to sleep afterwards. So by 8:30am, we ended up at Kate's Kitchen. It's a hot little restaurant in our neighborhood with delicious scrambles, bottomless cups of strong coffee, and friendly mom & pop-style service. You know it's a chill spot when you walk up to find your waitresses smoking a little morning herb before the early rush hits. Simply put, the place is everything a hungover stomach could ever want or need.

Today's sketch was from a brief doodling session I eeked out while waiting for our meal. Those are real coffee stains, people. I've been anticipating seeing the "Che: Part One," so I'm assuming that's where the whole "Viva La Revolucion" came from. I wanted to rock some more of these muligans, but our order was up in no time. Not that I'm complaining....

-Bunker, out

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Mike Puncekar said...

I think this marks the first time I've actually ever seen a real coffee stain on a page. Love your blog man. Nothing but great stuff. I just bookmarked you. Not because of stain innovation, but because I like your stuff.