Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day Photos!

Yesterday, my special ladyfriend, our dog Yoshimi, and I walked to Civic Center Park, across from San Francisco's City Hall. About two thirds of the way there, the Hall's bright blue and gold-trimmed dome popped out from behind the other buildings. It was like an architectural siren, calling one and all to come watch history in the making.

By the time we reached it, the tree-lined green of the Park was covered with spectators of every race, creed, and color. And we were all there to watch the Inauguration of our 44th President, via projection screen. Now, I'm not going to bore you with all sorts of reflective babble. To be honest, I don't think I can type anything here that hasn't been typed on a billion other blogs around the world.

But I will tell you that, watching the Inauguration Ceremony out there with all those people was amazing. The crowd was so diverse, from race to age. The feeling from everybody there was so positive. And seeing that scene repeated in cities & towns across the United States was like this continued unfolding of feelings that I think we (as a country) had forgotten for awhile there. Maybe it was the veil of shit that Bush/Cheney shrouded us in to keep the wealthy rich, and the terrorists terrorized. And, now that it's been lifted, we can all start seeing each other as friends, neighbors, and countrymen, again. Maybe that's it.

And it's not like things have been magically corrected, overnight. On my walk home, I passed plenty of homeless people sleeping under carts and in doorways, all too real reminders that we've got a lot more stops to hit before Utopia. But notwithstanding poverty, wars, and crisis, I think a juggernaut movement has been stirred in the hearts of this country. Now I just pray that, as we get further away from the history we made and deeper into the future, we don't lose sight of what's been done, and what we've yet to accomplish.

Oops! Guess I got reflective anyway, huh? Oh well, enjoy this cute pic of my two favorite ladies. Does that puppy love democracy or what?!

-Bunker, out.

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