Thursday, January 8, 2009

California Teachers Association Comics

A few months ago, I started doing a monthly comic for The Educator, a trade magazine put out by The California Teachers Association. Each episode of the strip is based around one of the many woes that are constantly torpedoing the teaching industry all across the state -- everything from budget cuts to expanding class sizes.

It's a pretty fun gig. I don't write the concepts or gag lines, but the editors I'm working with are great and give me all the visual freedom a guy could ask for. Also, I've got a few friends out here who are teachers, so the comic's topics usually hit pretty close to home.

Anyway, if you aren't a teacher in California and you don't live with one, then you'll probably never see an actual copy of The Educator. So I thought I'd start making them available online. Enjoy!

"See you later - I'm up in the nosebleeds."

"In my day,'cutting classes' was known as something very different."

"I miss the days when they would ask for a pony."

-Bunker, out.

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