Thursday, January 22, 2009

S.A.D 08: Wind Up Dolls & Boxer Mugs

Howdy, all. Here go some sketches from late Wednesday, into early Thursday.

On the ol' boob-tube playlist:
- Lost: Season Five Premiere
- The War: Part Six "The Ghost Front"

The two wind-up doll drawings are practice for a comic short I'm doing for the upcoming "Side B" anthology from Poseur Ink. It's an autobio piece about one of my stranger girl-crush encounters. I'm making all the characters in the story wind-up dolls, to protect the innocent.

The inked up page is filled with a bunch of random boxer faces that I was noodling out. I'm getting a little antsy to work on some of the boxer paintings I started at the end of 2008. I guess I'm trying to keep the painting urge at bay with some loose sketching of battered, beastly mugs.

- Bunker, almost ready for bed, and out!


Josholland said...

Hey Dave, loving your stuff as always. Is that bottom drawing brush pen?

fickilians said...

lol! what's with the BIg Big mouth :P
cool sketches

Dave Crosland said...

Hey dudes! Glad you're digging the latest sketches. Josh, the bottom drawing is a blend of paint marker and calligraphy marker. The TOP one is brush pen, though.

Haha! Fickilians, I dunno... big mouths have been a theme in a few of my more recent paintings and drawings. I'm kinda obsessed with storytelling and otherworldly fantasy. The idea of a world inside of a person intrigues me. Maybe the big mouths relate to that. Or maybe I just haven't had my coffee yet, this morning.


Thom Glick said...

Love the windup doll sketches. As usual, great technique, you rock!