Wednesday, April 8, 2009

S.A.D. 52: The Annunciation

This is a new sketch for "Undefeated." I'm pushing into some new territory with the exhibit, and exploring more good vs. evil themes. Children are becoming a larger part of the visual vocabulary. While I'm using them to represent innocence, I'm going to infuse them with the potential for both benevolence and malevolence.

Oddly enough, after discussing the theme for "Undefeated" with my curator, I've been realizing that there are huge similarities between this show, and the one I'd previously brainstormed, "We Can Be Heroes." So I'll be working to develop the common threads, and weave 'em into a full-on, cable knit sweater of an exhibit, between now and August.

-Bunker, out.


Kira said...

Totally neat! Good luck weaving, those can be the best ideas sometimes.

Dave Crosland said...

Thanks, Kira. Yeah, the weaving continues... you'll see in today's Sketch.

samax said...