Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sketch 61: Villains

Been rocking out to the new DOOM album, "Born Like This," daily since last week. So of course, I've had bad guys on the brains. Which is perfect, since I've been needing to come up with an arch nemesis for my new lady adventurer.

This is a page of random doodling I did, in order to find her particular baddie. I've already picked him out, drawn him in further detail, and outlined his history with the protagonist. But I'm saving those tidbits for future posts. Ya can't have it all right away!

-Bunker, out

1 comment:

Sally aka Fixpert said...

1. *sigh* ...I love your drawings so much. Not only do I love the way you draw, I'm just constantly blown away by the variety of styles that you bring.

2. DOOM!! Yay! If you're into DOOM you should watch this video of Mos Def as fanyboy of DOOM, just talking about all his rhymes, it's good: