Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sketch 59: New Comic Character (now with the action!)

Here are more shots of my new, fair lady. She's all about the hand-to-hand whoop-ass. Guns and katana swords are great for action books, but I want to challenge myself by making her find less obvious ways of dealing with her foes.
I'm gonna work up a one-shot with this character (and her crew of cohorts) for San Diego Comic Con. Hopefully, I can squeeze it in between pages of "Diabloville" and my other commitments.

Rock rock rocket!
- Bunker, out


Thom Glick said...

Awesome sketches. You're getting a lot of action in there, great poses and as usual great drawing!

Dave Crosland said...

Thanks, Thom! That's a hefty compliment, coming from your ultra-talented ass!


Hey Dave, awesome work as usual. When students ask what I want in sketchbooks, I'll just send them to some of the sketch blogs ... starting with yours!
Keep up the good work!