Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sketches from Emerald City Comic Con!

Dig these sketches I did for a few fine collectors, this past weekend:

"Delirium" - 12 x 14" watercolor & marker on paper

"Creeper" - 9 x 12" watercolor & marker in sketchbook

"Roger Dodger" - 12 x 14" watercolor & marker on paper

"Mad Hatter" - 11 x 14" ink & watercolor on bristol

"Joker" - 11 x 14" ink & watercolor on bristol

"Tony Montana/SCARFACE" - 11 x 14" ink, silver Sharpie & watercolor on bristol

This year's Emerald City Comic Con was an absolute BLAST! I got to hang with great friends and colleagues, eat a delicious array of meals, experience a beautiful city, and rock a sexcellent convention! Big ups to Jim & George Demonakos, Chris and the volunteer crew, and all the fans who made the show such an astounding success. And a special thanks to all the fans (both new and old) who stopped by the table to inquire about my art, get stuff signed, and gobble up my books/prints/original art. I appreciate the attention, and the fact that you spent your hard-earned dollars on lil' old me.

I've already started planning new merchandise for my next convention, San Diego Comic Con, in July. Until then, I'll be in the lab, cooking up my monstrous art mechanations.

- A comic-buzzed Bunker, out!


kungfutoast said...

oh snap! these are tight, man. i dig the Rodger Dodger.

Dave Crosland said...

Thanks, holmes! That was one where the guy had me paint whatever I wanted. I got to bust out my watercolors and just go nuts!

Thom Glick said...

Awesome! There's so much great stuff going on in these that it's overwhelming to try to focus on one specific thing to compliment on!

I'm curious... when you're doing sketches on the spot... do you ever mess up or get frustrated with a piece and start over? Or do you take every piece to completion and just move on?

Dave Crosland said...

Thanks, Thom! That complement was overwhelming, in itself!

Mostly, I power through, and get every piece done. The only hesitation might come at the beginning of a piece, when I'm roughing out the drawing. But then I'll adjust as I go, kinda like giving the steering wheel a nudge every now and then to keep the car centered. Ya know?

When I'm in the zone, I might as well be Isaac Mendez on "Heroes"... my eyes glaze over, I go into a trance and, when I open my eyes, the piece is magically done!

meng said...

TLC! :)

Sean said...

Love that Creeper, and especially the 90s tunes he's rockin'. I could totally see him singin' that, too.