Wednesday, February 25, 2009

S.A.D. 31: "Kickin' Rhymes Like Jim Kelly!"

Like any cool black man worth his salt, back in the 70's, my Dad was way into martial arts. I'm talking everything from kung-fu classes to kung-fu comics! He even silkscreened t-shirts for the dojo he joined -- the Black Dragon Kung-Fu School. It was DOPE! I've got a couple of BDKFS sashes he printed, somewhere around The Bunker.

Anyway, I was raised around all this stuff. And I remember one of Dad's heroes was Jim Kelly, aka "Black Belt Jones." He was in "Enter The Dragon" with Bruce Lee, and that was just his SECOND movie. Dude was crazy awesome! He
had a sweet afro and sideburns, and talked mad shit while he was fighting.

Well, I think I took some of that Jim Kelly love I absorbed from my pops, and put it into this doodle. I owe that man so much for the nerd I've grown into.

"Man, you come right out of a comic book!"
- Bunker, out.


Lunchbox said...

Sweet! It's good to hear someone else absorbed so much from their dad.

You seen any trailers for Black Dynamite? It'll change your life, man.

Anonymous said...

groovy style!!!

Love ur art man, seriously.