Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Diabloville: More Peeps!

The menagerie of folks in "Diabloville" grows on. Here are Benton & Nela, Chit & Chat, and Padre Calderon.

Chit & Chat - Twin brother and sister, Tip-Top took them in after their parents met an unfortunate end. Since then, he's raised them as his own (with plenty of help from Coretta). The only children in Diabloville, Chit & Chat are rambunctious little squirrels... cute, but sturdy. Both are forward, adult in ways, and possess a taste for curious adventures. Chat is a bit more sensitive than his sister. Chit has a heart, for sure, but she also won't hesitate to cut a fool! She takes her role as big sis' (by two whole minutes) very seriously.

Padre Calderon - He's been around a bit longer than Tip-Top. As a priest, he has a special relationship with Diabloville and its haunted grounds. Quiet, stoic, and with a judging eye, most of the townfolk fear and despise the Padre. After all, isn't it his fault God hasn't saved their town, yet?

Nela - Newlywed to Benton, Nela was so happy to finally leave Diabloville. But her dedication to her husband compelled her to make one last trip back to the cursed town.

Benton - He and Nela left Diabloville to be married. But he insisted on returning, to retrieve an old family heirloom -- a sacred Mayan pendant. Benton had planned on going alone, but Nela wouldn't have it. There was no way her loving man was marching back into that bedevilled burg without her at his side.

- Bunker, out.