Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diabloville: Patton & Coretta Live!

Work on my new comic, "Diabloville," has been rolling right along. This week, I'm knocking out all of the character designs. And, of course, the first characters I've got down pat are my protagonist duo -- Patton & Coretta!

Patton -- drifter, motorcycle enthusiast, and considerate lover

According to my Lady and our friend, Caitlin, I've made Patton "hot."
What can I say? I like my heroes rugged, with a dash of dreamy.

Coretta -- the only cool girl in a dying town, with
a quick temper and a talent for graffiti stencils

Don't expect Coretta to sit on the sidelines, looking concerned like
the geeky girls on "24." This kitten has a whip!

That's all for today. So far, this book has been a blast. I'm looking forward to sharing more, soon.

-For now, though, it's Bunker, out.


Josholland said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Who's your publisher, and when can we expect to buy this thing?

Dave Crosland said...

Hey Josh,

Thanks for the kudos. It's nice being able to post snippets from this project, as I'm making it. Right now, there's no publisher attached or release date. I'll probably start shopping around for a publisher in March. And I'll be going about it in a different way than I have in the past. Since this is my first solo graphic novel, I'm being extra shrewd, from the concept all the way to the release.

Josholland said...

Sweet, good luck with the publisher shopping. Is this your first crack at the role of 'creator' too? And will you be casting yourself as Patton in the upcoming Diabloville movie? Ha.

Dave Crosland said...

Haha! Naw... he's half black, half Mayan. So I think I'll be going with a Hatian-American or Latin-African American unknown for the role of Patton. Heh.

This will be my debut creator-owned graphic novel, yes. But I've been writing my own short stories and one-page strips for years. I put out a collection of them in 2005, called "Slop: Analecta." And I've got other ogn concepts in the works. If all goes well, I'll have a lot of books following "Diabloville."

Thanks for the back and forth. Like I said, it's fun being able to talk about this stuff.


Grant Gilliland said...

These are awesome, Dave!

Good seeing you on Saturday...