Wednesday, February 18, 2009

S.A.D. 28: Blood of Mine Enemies

I've found myself with a bunch of watercolor paper, so I'm taking the time to explore that medium a bit more. It's funny... watercolors were my favorite thing to paint and color with, when I was a little kid. And after all these years, I still have a great time with 'em. They're just so bright and fast! You have to wait for it to dry, yeah, but it just feels like you get so much energy and immediacy with them. It's safe to say I'm hooked for life.

Anyhoo, here's another bloody boxer piece. Stick and move, fool! Don't give dat sucka a statue... GIVE 'IM GUTS!

-Bunker, out.

1 comment:

Trev said...

I know you don't know me, man, but I'm Josh Peters' brother.

I've been scanning your stuff, and it's sweet, mind-blowing work. You're a machine, Holmes! I have no idea where this stuff comes from, or how you do it, but know that even a complete retard, at least when it comes to art, digs your stuff.