Friday, September 19, 2008

Wonder Woman, Lady Justice, and a Lucky Robot!

Check out these new images I've been working on. Two are for charity event auctions, and the other is a tattoo commission.

This Wonder Woman drawing is for Wonder Woman Day 3, an event raising money and awareness for domestic violence shelters and a woman's crisis line. For more info, check out the Wonder Woman Day 3 website. I'm going to hit this up with some watercolor and marker, so look for the colorized version post week.

This is my "Lucky Robot," for From The Land Beyond: Sacramento's Horror & Sci-Fi show. It will be part of their Charity Art Auction to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Loaves & Fishes Mustard Seed School for Homeless Children.

Last, but not least, this Riot Grrl Lady Justice is a tattoo commission I'm doing for a lawyer-in-training I met out here in The Bay. Whoop!

And that's all for today. Next week, I'll be posting photos from my weekend at The Treasure Island Music Festival with the lovely Deadbeatsister. We'll both be there, selling her latest apparel wares, including some collabo-pieces. If you're in The Bay and headed to the Festival, definitely come see us. For more info, check out The Treasure Island Music Festival. Fer shizz.

Bunker, out.


PuMpKiN said...

great stuff as always man!! love it!

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