Friday, September 12, 2008

Skritchy-Skratch, Sketchy-Sketch!

I'm just kicking it today, taking care of business and listening to this dope-ass hip-hop mix Mike Huddleston gave me during Comic-Con. Incredible stuff! Anyway, thought I'd take a moment to share some recent drawings and noodle-doodles with ya'll. Dig it!

"Outgunned" - 9 x 12" ink and watercolor drawing on sketchbook paper. Pitting some of my soldiers against insurmountable odds. I think this was inspired by some of the recent reports on the war in Afghanistan. It's pretty frightening, the fact that we've had people fighting over there for seven years now, and the violence is as hot as ever.

"Travel Shooter" - 9 x 6" gray brush pen drawing on sketchbook paper. I've been watching "Carrier," a PBS documentary about life aboard The USS Nimitz, a US aircraft carrier. That's got my back-burner brain cooking up pieces exploring the theme of "I get to travel the world, just to blow stuff up." Again, too, with the Afghanistan war... I recently saw a report on Battle Company (an American Army unit) that's over there fighting in the Korengal Valley. The valley, itself, is just naturally beautiful... as beautiful as any forest or mountain range I've ever visited in the States. But it's also teeming with Taliban fighters, bombs, and danger. To learn more, check out this Vanity Fair story, "Return to the Valley of Death." This sketch was particularly inspired by that story.

"Blam." - 9 x 12" ink and marker drawing on bristol board. This is actually a quick sketch I did during a comic convention sometime last year. I unearthed it awhile ago, and was putting off scanning it until today. No big theme behind this. Just a saucy lady with a fur-lined hood, blowing away a robot. He prolly' stepped on her new Jordans or some scandelous shit like that.

"Fire Breather" - 9 x 12" brush pen and ink drawing on sketchbook paper. I just invested in a nice, cartridge-loaded, Japanese brush pen, and this is one of the first pieces I've made with it ("Outgunned" and the two drawings below were made with the same pen). Just test driving my new toy, on this one. That, and playing with light and shadow. The larger areas were filled in with a couple brushes and some Black Magic drawing ink. Ah, how I do love my art arsenal.

"Sucker Punch" 9 x 12" brush pen drawing on sketchbook paper. This is me exploring more of my recent obsession with boxing. I've got eyes on doing a larger piece like this... maybe a painting or just a large, color drawing. I dig the idea of a guy getting popped in the jaw and a bunch of lollipops flying out of his mouth/head. Bonus - A bunch of the art from this post was made when I couldn't sleep two nights ago. I just stayed up drawing and watching episodes of The Wire. on this one, notice that I jotted down a quote from Omar Little that was just priceless.

"The Prepared" - 9 x 12" brush pen drawing on sketchbook paper. Last but not least, this is another of my grappler brutes. He's brandishing his fist and a fair amount of facial bruises. But from the looks of the battered heavy punching bag behind him, he's ready to give some of that pain back. Biggety-bam!

And that's all she wrote for now. I'm still painting & tainting, in preparation for Suite Jesus at 111 Minna in SF, on September 26th. I'm also getting ready to launch a big sale of 36 original works from the Hiredmeat Archives. That should launch on Monday, so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, take a short one and have a sexy weekend. You've earned it.

-Bunker, out like lake trout.

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