Thursday, September 4, 2008

Belle & Sebastian Art on Exhibit in SF This Month

Howdy, all. I'm showing some comic pages in the September group exhibit at The Artist-XChange in San Francisco's Mission District. But these aren't any normal, black and white comic pages, yo. These are the pages from "Beautiful," my 10-page short in Image Comics' critically acclaimed Belle & Sebastian anthology, "Put The Book Back On The Shelf."

These originals are mixed media, and closer to my fine art work. I made them using a combination of watercolors, markers, and collage. A lot of folks don't expect to see this stuff from me, and I seldom offer up my solo comic originals for sale. So I'm very excited at having the chance to share some of my rarities with the art-loving, art-buying public.

You can learn more about the Artist-XChange show, as well as preview 5 pages of "Beautiful" at my website,

With poppy, Brit-band love....
-Bunker, out.


Lunchbox said...

Nice, sir. I dig it.
I'm always for pushing and tilting away at the comic book medium or platform.
Good stuff.
How much time do you think you put into this?

Dave Crosland said...

Thanks, holmes. I'd say this took 1 to 2 hours per page. That's for the layout, pencilling, and painting. Maaaaybe 3 hours on the more involved pages.

kseda said...

Super Dave... Thanks for checking me blog out! I am putting a link to your spot on there right now. Keep up the gouda work :D