Friday, March 7, 2008

Uncircumcised Pages!

I draw my comic pages a bit larger than the printed size and (most times) beyond the dimensions of the final comic page. It's a practice I picked up in college, because drawing "all the way" keeps my work fluid and unrestricted. I'll break borders or eliminate them altogether. I'll go way past full bleed. What can I say? I'm an "outside the margins" kinda guy.

But, for all that, once a page is finished, I always cut the oringinal down to a standard size. Well, not any more! I'm tired of hearing my children cry when I put 'em under the knife, and sick of losing art I spent time on, just because it went past an imaginary border. From now on, if a page breaks the borders, I'm keeping the original piece of art raw and uncut! Just check out the example above!

Speaking of that page, DAMN! What kind of ridiculous hijinks are the Beta Eta Delta kids from Everybody's DEAD getting into NOW!?!

The pro-foreskin Bunker, out.

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