Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Everybody's DEAD 3 -- DONE!

This Saturday, I put the kibosh on the third issue (of 5) of "Everybody's DEAD". Like a sequential Hattori Hanso, I can tell you -- with no ego -- that this is my finest comic work. This issue has everything... zombies, fisticuffs, a muscle car, and explosions!

To celebrate, I transformed into King Gum, got psyched up with some face-to-face mirror fighting, and performed The Dance of The Hawk with Yoshimi the Dog. So fabulous.


BILL said...

wicked sweet Dave! i finished a custom toy of Scott Morse's Ancient Joe character! go check him out in my blog.


DW said...

haha! Genius!

Bad Momma said...

Hey Dave!

Cool blog! I popped by to see what you've been up to. How is your box of toys holding up?

If you have a chance you should take a look a cre8buzz. http://www.cre8buzz.com/
I recently joined & am slightly addicted.

Looks like life is treating you well!