Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quien era el mas poderoso?

Hello All!

Here I sit, in the funk den of Food One, rocking The Mars Volta on my headphones, and trying to shake off my Pledge Party hangover. Last night was amazing. Many thanks to everyone who was involved, from the organizers to the fans.

For you kids that couldn't make it, a bunch of people (myself and Mahfood included) took oodles of photos throughout the night. So I'll be sure to post pics from the event on here when I get back to San Frandisco.

In the meantime, I'm off to hunt down some coffee... maybe a nice bearclaw.

Bunker, on the road.

ps-- All done with The Mars Volta... just moved on to the new Subtle album. Incredible stuff, people.

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Wynn Ryder said...

Just seen some of your stuff on Jim's blog and I'm blown away! That mural looks amazing! Great work as always by you both :-D

Wynn (f.k.a. Daryl Walker)