Friday, March 14, 2008

Pledge Party in LA!!!

Hey, after a week of hardly posting, I thought the least I could do was hit you fine folks with 3 posts in one morning.

For anyone who'll be in the Los Angeles/SoCal area at the end of March, we're throwing a badass Pledge Party at Meltdown, to celebrate the release of "Everybody's DEAD" (IDW Publishing) and "Hazed" (Image Comics). It's all going down on March 29th @ Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. Come meet the creators from both books, watch myself and Jim "Food One" Mahfood do live art while DJ Expo rips it up on the turntables. And, of course, get your drink on with delicious Japanese beers from our wonderful sponsors, Asahi!

You'll get extra cool points if you come dressed as a frat boy or sorority girl!

Bunker to the bone!

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