Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sketches from Wondercon!

Well, I've successfully survived this year's Wondercon! What a great way to kick off the convention season... I got to meet a lot of great fans (both old and new). I hung out with my boy Mahfood and other awesome creators. Aaaand, I got to draw all weekend!

I did these RoboSmurf and Delirium (from Sandman) pieces for my friend Ryan.

The above pics are random sketches I did for people. And, at the end of the convention on Sunday, Mahfood and I bombed the plastic cover of an empty table next to our setup. It was totally random, but we managed to attract a small crowd. Our friend Anthony claimed the piece for his son's bedroom wall. Talk about "Dad Of The Year!"

Thanks to everyone who came out to show support, and to all the friends we got to kick it with. Thanks to the folks at IDW's table for hooking me up with an advanced copy of "Everybody's DEAD" (it... looks... AWESOME!). And thanks to that Middle Eastern liquor store/deli that saved me from having to go to Mel's Drive-In for lunch every day. The turkey sandwiches were delightful.

Next con: CAPE in Dallas, TX on May 3rd. For now, I've got some comic pages to catch up on. Wish me luck!

From The Bunker, with love.


BILL said...

oh man...these are AWESOME! killer robos dave.


Jelter said...

hey its ben from the con (the guy who drew the MJ pics) now u can see my blog and stuff. keep up the amazing robosmurfs!

Superpuzzlefighter said...

Zippidy skidoo! Thanks for the "Dad Of The Year!" comment. When I was a teen, I used to love the convention tradition of "scavenging for table cloth convention sketches". I know I am not the only one who did it because there was always someone who beat me to the punch. I since have upgraded to sketchbooks and original art pages, ha! I have been teaching my children the art of collecting comic art. This was a great addition to their arsonal of knowledge and scribbles. Much appreciated my friend. Hope you don't mind that I display these photos on my art gallery web page. You can checkout the other art we have of Food-One & yours at:

Keep em cranking out and we'll keep our eyelids open to the visual assult! -Ant