Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CCAD Viewbook, Now With More Crosland!

I'm still a little bit in shock about it, but my alma mater, The Columbus College of Art and Design, is having me as one of the featured alumni in their 2009 - 2010 viewbook. It's the catalog thingy that goes out to all the high schoolers and people looking to start an art school education. The feature will include an interview with yours truly, along with some shots of my artwork. Wow!

I was hoping they'd use this photo as my pic in the layout. But they're going with something a little less frightening. Ah well... at least I have my next "about the author" pic covered!

Bunker, out, yo!


Bad Momma said...

Congrats! Nice look. I can't believe how grown-up you are! I got your email newsletter today & thought I'd visit your blog.

Hope all is well.

A friend from Columbus!

Denny said...

We think you look good as you "really" are.......
Denny Griffith
Your Prez