Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Printing New Shirts for Wondercon!

Last night, my wonderful girlfriend (Deadbeatsister) and I lit the creative fires in her silkscreen studio, and got down and dirty printing my design "Only The Dead" on a variety of shirts and apparel. I'll have a couple dozen of the finished shirts for sale at Wondercon (Feb 22 - 24), and she'll have a variety of pieces with the design on sale at The Mission Indie Mart (Feb 24), this weekend.

We printed the first layer of the design in an electric blue and a bright green. The photos don't do these colors justice. They literally explode off the fabric. We'll be printing the top layer of the image, tonight, in a couple different colors. I'll be posting pics from that tomorrow, if all goes well.

After the rigorous print session, we enjoyed a late dinner (caramelized tofu w/ brussle sprouts) and "The Crying Game." But poor, little Yoshimi was all sorts of tuckered out. She fell asleep before the shocking ending! Guess I won't return the DVD to Blockbuster, just yet.

Bunker, out like trout!


BILL said...

lookin good so far you two! and all the art in the background is awesome Dave.


Kelly said...

That dog is an IMPOSTER! She tried to order a Wii with my credit card!