Thursday, September 8, 2011

"When Will Peyton Play?"

Here's the finished painting of an illustration I showed the drawing for, a couple weeks ago. It's based on the continuing mystery of when Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will return to active duty. Neck surgeries and rehabilitation abound... Click here to read more about the topic.

The piece is 9 x 12", and was completed using an acrylic, collage & pastel technique I've mashed together in my laboratory. Now that the NFL & college ball seasons are kicking into full swing, I'm hoping these next few months will see me churning out works like this, en masse. Oh yeah!

"Too little too late, as the last man goosh! Took no prisoners -- Moosh! Rap ambush!"
King Gum

1 comment:

Neil said...

It's funny to think that I went to college with that guy. Well, me and 30,000 other people.

I like the piece even better with the color.