Friday, September 9, 2011

Drawings from NFL Season Opener - Saints v. Packers

These are drawings I created last night, while enjoying the NFL's season opener -- The New Orleans Saints at The Green Bay Packers.

It was a spectacular game, with seemingly impossible catches, lightening-quick kickoff returns, one human barrel roll and one vicious uppercut to an unexpecting lineman's jaw! Definitely the high impact face-off one would expect to see from the last two seasons' Super Bowl Champions. Of course, Green Bay -- being the current title-holders -- came out like bulldozers, building a healthy lead from the very start of the game. But the Saints were no slouches, as Drew Brees lead them on several comeback drives. In the end, they nearly tied it up. But a 00 second goal line stand plucked the last petal on that daisy. The final score was 42 - 34. Packers win.

Many thanks to Madman Mitch for recommending The Cozy Inn in Culver City, for our venue. It's a fine drinking establishment, loaded with down-to-earth barflies and sports fans. Honestly, the gruff (yet friendly) atmosphere of the joint was a grounding & welcome change from my usual haunts.

I'm hoping to catch at least one more Week One game this weekend. So look forward to more next week!

"You and me... that's a history... of liiiiiies!"
- King Gum

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