Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NFL Week Two: Cowboys vs. 49ers

I churned out these drawings while watching the Dallas Cowboys play the San Francisco 49ers, this past Sunday. They're each 11x12", watercolor & ink on paper.

Joined by my pal Mitch & his Fantasy League buddies, we took over a long table at South in Santa Monica, and soaked up the wall-to-wall gridiron action. The place had something like 20 TVs, each one playing a football game. It was also packed to the gills with screaming fans, beer lovers & chicken-wing devourers! This being my first full-tilt sports bar experience in a long while, I couldn't resist the opportunity to draw some of the local wildlife, along with the action on the screen.




"Femme Football 1"

"Femme Football 2"

"Beset Back"

"2-for-1 Incompletion"

"Gator Wing Love"

I've also got some killer drawings from the Bills vs. Raiders game. They're larger and take a bit longer to scan. But I'm hoping to have them posted by the end of this week.

"I got ta love ya, Olga! You got to help me, pleeeeeeas-uh!"
- Dave

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James Brunner said...

I was at the Cowboy vs. 49er game! Dave your work is amazing! I have been trying to loosen up in my own work but it takes a lot of guts and confidence to do what you do. Crazy awesome!