Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WRECKING SKULL Available for Pre-Order

Above is a small preview of my upcoming limited edition sketchbook, Wrecking Skull. It features a whole new batch of drawings from 2011 that includes black & white AND color art. For years, I've experimented with mixed media and various color tools in my everyday drawing. Now I'm proud to share these explosive new works with you in print, the way they were meant to be seen -- in full color!

Wrecking Skull is available for pre-order in my online store. The early bird gets one hell of a worm, this time around. Place your order now to receive some wonderful collector bonuses --

- Customized cover art & an original skull sketch by me
- The exclusive "Wrecking Skull" print, free of charge
- one of my snazzy new postcard prints

The Presale runs from now through July 13. Pre-ordered books & bonus goodies will ship on July 15. For more info, visit my online store.

Click here to place Your Pre-Order Now.

"If it breaks when it bends, ya better not put it in!"
- Dave


E J Zyla = Filka said...

Ka-Ching!...Just placed an order + paid for one :)

Dave Crosland, aka King Gum said...

Thanks, EJ!I appreciate your support. It still amazes me that I have so many collectors in Australia. Something tells me I should set up at a comic convention in that country, at some point.

E J Zyla = Filka said...

Absolutely...'Supanova' is the biggest thing that goes on over here, get to Melbourne one!