Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Presale Period Halfway Over
Much gratitude to those who have pre-ordered Wrecking Skull, so far. The first half of the presales have gone very well, thanks to loyal collectors and an additional push from my pals at Nerd City.

That being said, there are still 2 more weeks for you to nab a copy by the July 13th deadline. Act now to reserve your book, along with all the pre-order exclusives and bonus tidbits at a reduced price. For more info and to order your copy now, visit www.hiredmeat.com/meatshop.htm

New Presale Exclusive Envelope
Speaking of pre-order goodies, I'm working on an exclusive, stenciled Wrecking Skull envelope. This will be super-limited and only available with books purchased during the presale, so don't sleep on it!

Pre-Order Pick Up at TR!CKSTER
Several collectors have asked about this, and the answer is YES -- you can pick up your pre-ordered Wrecking Skull packet in San Diego, next month. I'm participating in the independent creators' convention, TR!CKSTER, and will be able to bring presold books & extras with me. If you'll be in SD for Comic-Con week and want to arrange for a pick-up, please email me at
Dave Crosland.

Art Preview Next Week
Lastly, I've been blasting away at new images for Wrecking Skull... everything from funky-faced freaks to hooded & bound prisoners has been springing forth from my brush! While I won't be giving everything away online, I will be posting a new preview on my blog, next week. Look out and shout!

Again, many thanks to folks who have already reserved their Wrecking Skull. Stay tuned for more updates on this book project and beyond!

"Dial 9-0-0 for the hero of the weirdos! I hope my brain don't bust! Transform into a 7-11 Slurpee slush!"
- Dave

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